10 Cheesy And Easy Pasta Recipes

What clicks with the idea of eating something Italian, something cheesy, something so delicious that would make you do anything, Yes that is pasta, pasta is that Italian dish no can escape from its delectable taste after trying once. But, the sad thing is pasta contains high of calories, carbs and contains gluten making it an unhealthy alternative for uncontrollable cravings which are extremely hard to suppress. In healthy recipes, we have handcrafted especially for you 10 most cheesiest pasta of all time which fits wonderfully in health charts, these recipes are low in fats, carbs and absolutely gluten-free. Amber through our heavenly Italian Paradise and enjoy your plate of pasta 100% guilt-free.

1. One Pot Thai Peanut Sauce Veggie Pasta

One pot Thai peanut sauce veggie pasta is whole wheat spaghetti and plenty of veggies in a flavorful Thai peanut sauce. It’s a Delicious meatless meal that’s on the table in under 30 minutes! This recipe is made to have you licking your fingertips and to make you fall in love with pasta all over again once more.

2. Italian Jalapeno Chili Pesto Sauce Pasta

A delicious and spicy take on your original Italian jalapeno chili pesto sauce pasta.  Here is a recipe that incorporates both into a velvety, nutty pesto. This pasta creates a ting in your mouth as the tangy jalapeno battles in your mouth in the most delicious way with hot spicy chili pesto. And when this pasta is tossed with Gemelli noodles, you'll love it.

3. Pad Thai Rice Noodles Gluten Free

Pad thai rice noodles gluten free is an incredibly flavourful recipe that combines sweet, sour, salty and chili flavors all in one stir-fried dish. Gluten-free rice noodles are used instead of traditional noodles for this dish, so no need to find an alternative. These noodles are a still fried version of rice noodles tossed with fish sauce, scallions and chicken sauce are a must try for everyone.

4. Gluten Free Creamy Tomato Onion Sauce Pasta

Gluten-free penne pasta with creamy tomato sauce, ready to eat in 25 minutes! It’s Delicious and dairy free. This gluten-free penne pasta recipe is perfect for those who are new to gluten-free eating or are looking for a lighter pasta alternative! It’s protein packed vegetarian pasta with a healthy amount of plant-based iron.

5. Japanese Chicken Soba Noodles

Classic Asian flavors come together to create a quick and easy chicken dish with spicy chicken soba noodles that you can have on the dinner table in no time. Chicken soba pasta noodles home most authentic Japanese spices and are cooked in a Japanese way to bring out the maximum flavor which can devour upon.

6. Amazingly Creamy Zucchini Noodle Alfredo

Healthy, decadent, low-carb., and amazingly creamy zucchini noodle alfredo. Finally, a guilt-less alfredo dish that the entire family can enjoy! This zucchini noodle alfredo is a delicious low-carb option to traditional pasta. This recipe is an Asian version of regular rice noodles still fried with eggs and chicken, this recipe offers a length of health and nutrition in one run.

7. One Pot Thai Peanut Sauce Veggie Pasta

One pot Thai peanut sauce veggie pasta is whole wheat spaghetti and plenty of veggies in a flavorful Thai peanut sauce. It’s a Delicious meatless meal that’s on the table in under 30 minutes! Enjoy juicy crispy vegetables in a one-pot pasta recipe cooked in peanut sauce that makes it so different than any other regular pasta recipe.

8. Chicken Stir Fry With Noodles

What can be better than a classic quick stir-fried bowl of noodles, which can be made without much fuss and hassle? The popular chicken stir fry with noodles straight from the streets of Thailand. sweeter and nuttier, and salty, balanced with a touch of sour and a wonderful chargrilled flavor which you can create at home.

9. Spicy Noodles With Shrimp

Say keep calm in the face of spicy food cravings which never settles. An easy peasy 20-minute meal that can be easily adapted with more veggies and much to your delight juicy delicious shrimps which will have you asking for more, quicker than take-out and so much tastier (+healthier)! #spicy noodles with shrimp.

10. Homemade Paleo Chinese Lo Mein

This homemade paleo Chinese lo mein recipe brings some familiar eastern flavors together for a fabulous reinterpretation of chicken and vegetable lo mein in your plate. Lo Mein is most loved noodles around the globe and famous for their authentic Chinese flavor. Cook with perfection with our perfect and easy recipe.

We will be glad and giddy with pride if you loved our recipes and try them for your next set of cheesy cravings. These recipes are worth trying and they won't affect your health in any way. Sit back and enjoy your pasta bowl and share these recipes with everyone. Pasta tastes more delicious with a plate of salad, a healthy partner for your pasta bowl. Accompany your pasta with a glass of delicious and healthy beverage, be it cool or hot as per your mood. Check 10 Non-alcoholic energizing smoothies recipes brought to you by healthy recipes.

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